Like The Game itself, “Who’s Got Game?” can be used to break the ice and get to know people—whether strangers or your own partner—in minutes. It just might even lead to love right before Valentine’s Day.


As Neil says, “There is more game in this box than in most people’s brains.”


10 things you should know about “Who’s Got Game?” include:


1) It’s the perfect game for any party or social gathering.

2) It‘s the perfect follow up to Neil Strauss’ bestsellers The Game and Rules of the Game.

3) Play it for fun, for training, (or for a better social lubricator than alcohol).

4) It can also be brought to cafes, malls, and bars, and used to meet new people (Portable pack included).

5) Each round the leader picks up a script card, reads it aloud, and transforms into the most interesting person in the room.

6) Ten different types of script cards, including revealing personality tests, fun physical challenges, social intelligence questions, secret persuasion missions, handwriting analysis and palm-reading games, partner-based conspiracies and more.

7) Best played with a partner. Pick someone you know--or someone you want to get to know!

8) Specially designed to turn an average night into an amazing one.

9) Everything that you wished was in The Game is in "Who's Got Game?" (Never before seen material from Neil Strauss included).

10) ALL HANDWRITING ANALYSIS cards have been personally reviewed and approved for accuracy by Bart Baggett. Mr. Baggett is known as one of the worlds' top Handwriting Experts.


Neil Strauss has been named the world's greatest pickup artist. Now he’s sharing his secrets in a new playable way… This is a must play for 2012.




Adam Kornblum

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About Neil Strauss


Neil began his writing career at the age of 11, when he wrote his first book and mailed it to a dozen publishing companies. He never received a response. Unfazed by rejection, he kept writing, almost to the point where his life was consumed by it. He became a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and a staff writer for The New York Times.




Neil lives in Los Angeles.


About Adam Kornblum


Adam Kornblum is 28 years old. He invented his first board game just out of college called “Charge Large,” that HASBRO acquired the rights to in 2009.


Following that, with a new found confidence in his career, he wondered how he could cure his own shyness with women... After reading Strauss’ The Game, Rules of the Game, and other related words, he decided he was going to invent a party game centered on these concepts. After trying out the initial idea and turning his life into a game, Kornblum contacted Neil Strauss on Facebook/email, and after two years of deep collaboration and development (and enlisting friend and investor, Michael Smith Liss) “Who’s Got Game?” is finally here.


Adam also works in public relations, marketing, and specializes in strategy & gamification. He lives in New York City.


More about “Who’s Got Game?”


“Who’s Got Game?” adds a new twist to being social and can be played anywhere. Whether or not you’re currently a player or playette, there is more game in this box than in most people’s brains. Play it for fun, for training, or for a better social lubricator than alcohol. Like The Game itself, these cards can be used to break the ice and get to know people—whether strangers or your own partner—in minutes.


“Who’s Got Game?” is engineered to bring out the fun and attractive qualities in every player. From physical challenges to personality tests to secret conspiracies, “Who’s Got Game?” has it all. So if you’re looking to turn an ordinary night into a memorable adventure, this is the game for you.

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