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Neil Strauss, seven-time New York Times bestselling author who brought you the international bestselling seduction books The Game and Rules of the Game is back with one question in mind:

"Who's Got Game?"


"Who's Got Game?" adds a new twist to being social and can be played anywhere. Whether or not you're currently a player or playette, there is more game in this box than in most people's brains. Play it for fun, for training, or for a better social lubricator than alcohol. Like The Game itself, these cards can be used to break the ice and get to know people-whether strangers or your own partner-in minutes.


"Who's Got Game?" is engineered to bring out the fun and attractive qualities in every player. From physical challenges to personality tests to secret conspiracies, "Who's Got Game?" has it all. So if you're looking to turn an ordinary night into a memorable adventure, this is the game for you.


Contents: Never before seen material from Neil Strauss, 1 rules sheet, 1 quick start rule sheet,

1 portable script card holder, 270 script cards, 6 notepads, 6 pencils, 1 scorepad, and 1 sandtimer.

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The perfect game for any

party or social gathering!

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This product based on certain educational materials from "The StyleLife Challenge" by Neil Strauss, things you wished were in "The Game."